If you receive a serial number error during installation of any Impero Connect module that reads, "Please enter the correct serial number according to the License Certificate." there are a few likely scenarios.

Verify the module.
First, verify that the serial number you are using is for the proper Impero module. For example make sure that when installing the Impero Host module that you are using a serial number for a Host module and not a serial number for the Impero Guest or some other Impero module.

Match the version of the Installer to the version of the Serial number (aka License number).
There is a possibility that the version of the Impero serial number you are using is not matched to the version of the installer (MSI) that you are trying to run it with. Impero releases several minor and a few major releases each year. For every major release (upgrade) Impero will issue a new serial number. While a minor release (update) does not require a new serial number. The version number is the key to determining whether it is a major or minor release. Minor releases are indicated by a change in the decimal hundredths place while major versions are indicated by a change in the decimal tenths place.

For example:  Version 11.00 is a major release. Version 11.01 and version 11.02 are minor releases because the version number only changed in the hundredths place. All three versions can be installed with the same version 11.00 serial number. Meanwhile version 11.10 is considered a major release again and requires a new serial number to install because the version number changed the tenths place. The version 11.10 serial number can also be used to install version 11.11 and version 11.12 because they are considered minor releases. These versions only changed the hundredths place.

Be sure that you have very recently downloaded the very latest installer (MSI) from imperosoftware.com. If you right click on the MSI and choose properties, then go to the details tab, you will be able to determine the version number from the Subject field. Make sure this matches the version of the serial number you have been given. Whenever Impero releases a major version, Impero will automatically email the new license number(s) to the registered license holder at your organization. If you are the registered license holder and you have not received your current Impero licensing please contact your Impero Account Manager.

Check for typos.
Another possibility is that you have introduced a typo into the serial number. Due to the length of the Impero serial number (122 characters) we recommend that you copy and paste the serial number rather than type it.  Be sure that you include the * and the # symbol as they are part of the number. Also be sure that you have not added any extra spaces at the end or introduced any line breaks when you copy and paste. It may be a good idea to paste the serial number into Notepad to check for these common user generated typos.

Check your system date.
There is another scenario that can cause this error. It could be that the date on the system you are attempting the installation is not set correctly. Be sure that the date and time are set as accurately as possible.  For example, if you attempt to install version 11.1 and your system date is displaying 2007 for the year you will receive this serial number error.