When trying to connect from a Guest to a Host using a Portal communication profile, the live update list loads correctly, but the connection to the Host stays in “Connecting to Connection Server. Please wait...” and eventually times out.


This might happen due to an antivirus software on Internet security suite with a traffic monitor component. In some cases, the traffic monitor will block the packets sent from the Guest to the Connection Servers into the Portal.

We reproduced the issue using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017, but could possibly occur also with other antivirus software.


To determine whether this is the case, try to disable the antivirus and see if the connection to the Host works. It is important to completely deactivate it, otherwise there may still be some features running in the background. Alternatively, you can try to uninstall it, or try the connection from a machine where there is no antivirus present.

Please send us information about any incompatibility found with specific antivirus software and the Netop solution, so that we can analyze and try to address them.