Connect comprises the following modules:

  • Impero Guest: Enables the computer user to remote control and interact with another
    computer running a Impero Host or extended Host.

  • Impero Host: Enables the computer to be remote controlled and interacted with from a
    computer running a Impero Guest.

  • Impero WebConnect: A secure web-based service consisting of a Connection Manager
    that serves as a meeting hub for Impero Guests and Hosts, and at least one Connection
    Server that routes the traffic between Guests and Hosts. The Connection Server is an
    extended Host.

  • Impero Security Server: An extended Host that uses a central database to manage
    Guest authentication and authorization across the network. It also provides centralized
    logging capabilities and extended authentication methods including RSA.

  • Impero Gateway: An extended Host that can route Netop traffic between different
    communication devices. Impero Gateway can receive Impero communication that uses
    one communication device and send it using another communication device. This ability
    enables Impero Gateway to provide communication between Impero modules that use
    mutually incompatible communication devices, typically to connect Impero modules inside
    a network or terminal server environment with Imepro modules outside a network or
    terminal server environment.

  • Impero Name Server: An extended Host that can connect Netop modules across
    segmented networks. Impero Name Server resolves Impero names into IP addresses,
    which can be used for connecting across any TCP/IP network including the Internet.