Impero Wellbeing offers two types of keywords lists to apply to your school  or organisation groups: custom lists and system or global lists. 

Global lists have been developed by Impero over a number of years and alongside charity and expert partners to establish relevant terminology or slang. These lists are used by all our schools over the globe and may contain terms that, for your local area, age range or cohort, can result in false positives or unhelpful captures. 

With this in mind Wellbeing offers users an option to Exclude a keyword from displaying captures in the Capture Manager. 

Excluding a Keyword

From the Capture Review page select Add to Exclusion List from the Capture Actions menu. 

In the pop up window select the group or groups you would like to have the Exclusion applied to. You can select the whole school by selecting All Tutor/Registration Groups. You are required to enter a reason to support audit logs and reviews of the Exclusions list by other staff. 

If you have seen this term before and want to remove captures related to it from the Capture Manager section, make sure you select the check box for Mark existing captures with this keyword as excluded before selecting Apply to Selected Groups.

You may be prompted to confirm that this is action you want to take. 

Once you have clicked Okay the page will refresh and confirm that the keyword has been successfully excluded. Captures related to this term will have their status updated and going forward and captures taken will be sent directly to Excluded.