Digest emails collect together capture notifications into one email sent at a specific time of day. This means you can review a summary and pick up on areas for concern, whilst managing alert fatigue and keeping your notifications and in box under control. 

There are two stages to successfully setting up a digest email. 

Setting up notifications

The first step is making sure the user group is set up to receive notification by digest email. 

In Administration, select User Groups to see all the groups you have set up. 

Select Notification Settings and open up the captures section to see the types of notification types available. Alerts are available for new captures, updates to severity and capture actions. For digest emails you need to ensure the last option in the section is toggled on. Once changed the settings will auto-save. 

The correct notification settings are now ready and we can scheduled the time the digest emails should be received.

Scheduling Digest Emails

Digest emails got out at scheduled times of day. You can set up multiple times if preferred.

In Administration, select User Groups and then Email Schedules from the options available.

To create a new email schedule for capture digest you will need to expand the Captures section and select add new.

You can set the time from the clock provided and click the green save button to confirm the schedule. Once created digest emails will start to be shared with the members of the user group at the times selected. To remove a digest email schedule click on the red bin icon to remove it from the list.