If you are a user with access to the MAT/District Dashboard you will be able to suggest exclusions to the schools in your collected organisation. Excluded keywords still detect and take a capture but will bypass the Capture Manager and be sorted automatically into Excluded as the capture status. By adding these at a Dashboard level, individual schools can accept and apply the exclusions to their own groups and maintain a consistent experience across the whole trust or district. 

Dashboard suggested exclusion do not need to be part of an active keyword list, but simply any term that is felt would not be helpful for the organisation. 

Select Administration from the Dashboard view and then Suggested Keyword Exclusions. You can then expand Add a new exclusion to enter the suggestion.

Enter the suggested term and a reason to indicate why this might be excluded. Make sure you save by clicking the plus button.  You can review the terms that have previously been suggested and deactivate them if needed. Once deactivated, the suggested keywords will be withdrawn as long as it has not been accepted. 

Schools will then see suggested exclusions in their Exclusion Manager and can apply them to their school or groups as needed.