Capture manager allows filters to be applied to recorded captures. This can help when looking for specifc captures.

With no filters applied the default view shows all captures that have ever been recieved with a status of "New". This means captures that have been recorded but no actions have been taken on them yet.

Select the filter type you wish to use and click the Apply button above the filters. In this case, filter by severity Moderate.

Capture Manager will update to only display captures that match the selected filter. Click the Clear button to remove an applied filter.

Multiple filters can be applied at once to further refine the captures that are displayed. In this case, Moderate severity in the last two days from group 8A.

The following filter types are available.

Search Bar - supports add student, keyword list and keyword term.

Filter by date - set a date and time range to display captures from.

Filter by severity - select Minor, Moderate or Severe levels.

Filter by order - display capturs in order of newest or oldest.

Filter by device operating system - display captures from the selected operating systems.

Filter by status - Return captures that match the selected status in capture manager. A guide to the different statuses can be found here. Impero Wellbeing - What does capture status mean?

Filter by group - Show captures that were triggered by members of the selected group(s).