Using virtual computers in the cloud can present challenges for administrators and end users in terms of security, access rights, performance, collaboration logistics, and audit activity tracking and reporting.

Impero Connect can help simplify management and access to virtual devices hosted in the cloud, public and private, by providing a platform that simplifies the management process.

The Impero Connect portal administrator can easily create role-based access to virtual devices, easily distribute access to users by inviting them to join the portal where their devices will be waiting for them. 

Think of the Impero Connect portal as a security and access overlay for your virtual computing environment to increase ease of use and security access controls.

Problem: Azure and AWS (any virtual environment) can be complex to manage and configure security controls and role-based access.

Solution: Impero Connect can simplify role-based access for end users to access any virtual device.

Problem: Azure and AWS access through RDP/RDS clients only.

Solution: Impero Connect has a proprietary, very secure client technology that is feature rich with flexible configuration options.

  • RDP client is susceptible to hackers, Impero client/agent technology offers superior security and feature set.
  • Browser based control console, no need to install a local client.
  • File transfer utility
  • Virtual command prompt 
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Mass deploy of Connect Portal enabled components

Problem: How does my support team easily access virtual devices in the cloud to support users and devices?

Solution: Impero Connect can help support staff easily access virtual devices from one main console

  • Easy to find end user devices by searching for username, computer name or a predefined custom name that makes identifying devices with detailed descriptions and not have to reply on cryptic computer names.
  • Support staff can “jump in” to the same user sessions to give application support and to quickly resolve problems.
  • Support staff can connect using a virtual command prompt session to perform admin tasks without interrupting end users and production applications running on virtual computers.

Problem: Azure and AWS is complex collecting and reporting on audit data to track user activity.

Solution: Impero Connect keeps an easily accessible activity audit log and can create video recordings of sessions to track and document all user activity.

  • Centralize all activity in an easy to access database for audit reporting and tracking specific activity.
  • Record a video of remote sessions for compliancy and audit purposes, record in a proprietary format that cannot be modified and only played back with the Impero Guest module
  • Impero Connect Portal Audit Logging Events

Problem: How to keep content and data secure in your data center or public cloud for remote users?

Solution: Impero Connect Only video keyboard and mouse data are sent to endpoints in the form of pixels, so no business information ever leaves your secure data center.

            Disaster recovery simplified based on VM snapshot and restoration ability.

              Spin up computers as needed to scale up projects quickly and easily.