Keyword Modifiers allow you to automatically exclude a triggered capture based on modifiers that can be set before or after a word. This expands on the exclude capture functionality to give you more control over what gets recorded as a valid capture.

Let us take the example of the keyword "Virgin". We are seeing a spike in captures triggered against the word Virgin in a given school. After reviewing the captures we can see that they have been triggered mainly against two variations.

1. Virgin mary, related to subject material in religious studies.

2. Virgin media, related to subject material in media studies.

If we add "mary" and "media" to the keyword modifiers for the term Virgin, then the next time these captures are triggered they will automatically be marked as excluded and will not appear in the list of new captures.

Adding Keyword Modifiers

Keyword Modifiers can only be added for words that already exist on a Keyword list.

From Administration click the Modifier List under Keyword Lists.

The Modifiers list shows all the keywords that have a modifier set against them. It also shows how many lists a keyword is listed against as well as the amount of keyword modifiers set against a given term. Remember a keyword can have multiple keyword modifiers set against it.

To add a Keyword Modifier click the Create a new modifier option at the top of the page. 

Search for the keyword you wish to add the modifier for. Select Modifier type to before keyword or after keyword, this be where the check for the modifier is performed, before or after the keyword. Finally add the modifier word, in this case we are adding "media" and "mary" as modifiers for "Virgin".

If a Keyword already has a modifier assigned to it then adding another will increase the number of modifiers against that keyword.

You can also add a Modifier from the capture actions menu when viewing a capture that has already triggered.

Select Add Modifier to Keyword and enter the modifier into the modal that displays.

View/Edit/Delete Keyword Modifiers

From the Modifier List click the number of modifiers link against a keyword.

The Modifiers for this keyword are now displayed in modal popup. It displays the modifier, type (before/after) and when the modifier was added to the list.

Click the actions button and you can edit any of the modifiers or delete it if it is no longer required.

Viewing Excluded Captures (Keyword Modifiers)

Set the filter by status to excluded captures and enter the term you added modifiers for to see all the captures that have been automatically excluded by the keyword modifiers.