Android Support – Deploy app policies with Cisco Meraki

Backdrop has enabled the functionality to inject a school code into the application via an MDM solution. In each MDM, there is an option to deploy an application with managed configurations. To inject the school code, we need to add a managed property to the deployed app.

 First, add your credentials into two places:

  • Network Admin – enables you to log into the MDM solution to manage all deployment.
  • Owners – enables log in as a user to the device to complete enrollment.

In order to deploy the app to the devices, first enroll the device as described here:
 Having all steps above completed, you can proceed further.

Having enrolled the device, next step is to create a policy which can be applied to the app.
To start, click on the left side System Manager”, then Settings”



Next, create a new profile by clicking “Add profile”, pick the standard “Device Profile” and click “Continue”



First add the name of policy with all tags needed for your purpose


Then click “Add settings”, pick filter by “Android” and search for “Managed App Config”


After adding this setting, you must select next options:

  • Platform: Android
  • App: Impero Backdrop

Currently available supported app policies can be visible when clicking the “Show supported schema” button. They contain all descriptions for each app policy we handle. Current policies:

  • SCHOOL_CODE -> inject the school code on login attempt. Required to be exactly 6 case-insensitive alphanumeric characters [a-zA-Z0-9].
  • home -> inject the default web page address, which loads on new opened tab. Required to be in standard URI format e.g.: “”

To add a policy, simply click on the blue button with a “+” sign on the right side, and pick the key you want to assign.

With all profile and tags setup, your device will be highlighted in this profile as ready to install.



Then proceed to Systems Manager/Apps. Click the square box near Impero Backdrop and choose “Push”.

Important Note: Sending the school code value will disable the functionality for a user to switch schools. After the first successful login, a user won’t be able to change school.

Picture 1


It is crucial to send proper school code, otherwise the login attempt will result in a 404 Error.

Picture 2

If this error occurs, students will be still able to manually login into school after being given the school code by the teacher or IT.