Go to the security Server application running in the console session of the server.

Go to Tools > Program Options > Run As and uncheck the enable box, then click on OK to save the setting with the box unchecked.

Next, restart the Netop Helper Service in Windows Services. The Security Server application unloads and reloads.

Go back to the Security Server application and enter the new or updated user credentials (it is necessary that the Domain user is in a local user group).

Next restart the Netop Helper Service again.

Once the Security Server application starts again, go to Tools>Security Server Setup and login to the database if needed. You should not have to enter any credentials if you are using Windows Authentication in the underlying ODBC driver, it automatically passes the credentials from the Run As field.

Restart the Netop Helper Service one last time to verify all settings are applied correctly. Return to this screen to verify that it still logged into the database and check the Security Manager to verify its in a running state: