The first step is to add the android application to the Edlink Dashboard. 

I. Once logged in, click on "Applications"

II. Click on “Android” and then from the drop-down menu select “Application Search

III. Type in the name of the application you are looking for and click on Search

IV. Once search results return, select the "plus" icon to select an application. 

Great! Now the app is ready for you to configure the install settings.

Adding settings to an application for installation


After you have searched for and found the new application you want to install, you will be given the option to mass assign tags to it, alternatively, you may select the sliders to mass assign to either all school-owned devices and/or all home owned devices. 

To assign tags, please follow the steps that follow:

I. In the Add tags input field, start entering the name of the first tag you want to assign, if an existing tags exists you may select it from the drop-down list. To add a brand new tag, type a tag name, and press Enter to create a new tag.

Note: Tags will be displayed as you add them. Click X if you want to remove a tag.  

II. To save the settings you have added, you may now select "Add"

Your applications will be added to the My Catalogue section of the Edlink app at the next device refresh.