Impero Edlink uses profiles to manage the following:

Where are devices monitored, i.e. at what location? – Create locations in the Zones section and then assign them to profiles.

When are devices monitored, e.g. during school hours? – Create schedules in the Time & Date Settings section and then assign them to profiles.

Which devices are being monitored, e.g. home owned devices? – Assign devices to profiles in the Settings section.

What is being monitored, e.g. safe content? – Configure what is monitored in the Settings section.

Go to the Profiles section and click on the Add Profile button, or click on a Pencil icon under actions to edit an existing one.

Enter a Name (mandatory), Description (optional) and select a baseline profile from the drop-down list.

Click Save to create a new profile, the save option will only become available to select if all necessary fields have been filled in.

Select a location using the Location drop-down menu, you may add multiple locations and schedules for a single profile. Note: Locations are created in the Zones section.

Select Schedule to expand the Schedule settings, then select the drop-down and the add new schedule button to bring up the Add new Schedule window. 

In the Add New Schedule window, you will need to enter a Schedule Name, Duration with which you would like the schedule to be active and set the Weekly Configuration.

Schedules can also be created in the Settings section under Time & Date Settings.

Click Add and then Save.

Under Which Devices, Choose whether to assign the profile to home owned, school-owned or all devices.

Click Save.

Your first profile has been created.

Under What, device management settings can be configured for your new profile.