The Device detail view shows the information for a specific device. To see the device detail, please click on the eye icon and the detail screen will appear.

This view allows the user to do the following:

  • View all the device information available to Edlink (please note that this may vary depending on which OS is being used for example). 
  • Add a tag to the device directly from this view (either select an existing tag or create one to assign). This removes the need to go out and complete this elsewhere.
  • See the device name, OS version, as well as which profile is currently active on the device.
  • See all the icons for a quick summary of the following: Battery life, School-owned or Home-owned, if the device has been Provisioned, if the device is Enrolled, if the device is Supervised (iOS), if activation lock has been enabled, if a personal hotspot has been enabled, if the Edlink app has been installed, if Web filtering has been enabled, if Do not disturb has been enabled, if push notifications have been registered, if certain notifications are allowed.

The Device detail view shows all information for a specific device. This information includes :

Current Status  -  This will give you the current status of the device which will also include the current location

Device Information -  This will provide you with information that includes the following :

  • General Information - This will include the Model, manufacturer, OS, the Client version of the Edlink application, Serial, and IMEI of the device.
  • Network details - Will have the IP address of the device and amount of internal storage that is on the device.
  • Settings - will include the Display name of the device, whether the device is School owned and whether the device is linked to the Classroom and the handset application pin.


Installed Applications - This will include all the applications that are currently installed on the device.

Installed Books - This will include all the Books that have been added to the device.

Profiles - This will include all the profiles that were added to the device, and which profile is currently active.

History - This will include all the history logs of the device

Browser - This will include the browsing history of the device 

Location - This will show the current location of the last location of the device when the device was last active.

MDM History(IOS Only) - This will be all the MDM commands that was sent to the device 

On the device details, you can also select specific device actions by clicking on the “Actions Button”, Once you click on the actions button you will have a drop-down list of actions that can be pushed to the device. (this is dependent on what actions the device is able to perform):