A Virtual Private Network(VPN) ensures all data is transmitted via a secured channel which means it requires authentication or a certificate to establish connectivity. VPN is a necessity, without which users cannot reach the corporate network away from work. Since mobile devices have become a part of productivity, corporate data should be reachable for employees from anywhere or everywhere. As an administrator, you have the need to configure a VPN for all the managed mobile devices. You can create and associate VPN profiles to devices.

Note: Before creating a new network for a profile, make sure you have the connection details you will need at hand.

You can view network details for individual devices on the Device Information tab in the Devices section.

Note: If your device connects through a Proxy then this MUST BE CONFIGURED IN THE BASELINE PROFILE

Kindly follow the instructions below :

Step 1: Access the Profiles Menu

Once login into your Edlink Dashboard as Admin,

On the left side panel click on “Profiles”,

Step 2 - Edit a profile

Once you have click on Profiles, you will be directed to the Profile page. 

On the right side of the window click on the Pencil/Edit icon below Actions of the profile that you would like to add the VPN to

Step 3 - Access the Network option

Once directed to the “Set up” page, click on the “Network”,  option.

Step 4 - Select the VPN tab

Once on the network Page, select the VPN tab, 

Step 5 - Add new settings


Click on the Add New button on the top right corner of the window.

Step 6 - specify VPN configuration options


Once you click on the Add New button under the VPN tab a pop window will appear that will require you to enter your VPN details.

Connection Name - Display name of the connection (displayed on the device).

Connection Type - Select the type of connection enabled by this policy: L2TP, PPTP or IPSEC.

Server - Hostname or IP address for the server.

Shared secret - Shared secret for the connection.

User Authentication - Select Password or RSS Secure ID.

Machine authentication - Select Certificate or Shared Secret.

Account - User account for authenticating the connection.

Send all traffic - Enable to route all network traffic through VPN connection.

Proxy Type - Configures proxy to be used for this VPN: Manual, Auto, or None

Optional Username and password can be added for Proxy Type Manual.

Proxy Server URL required for Proxy Type Auto.

Step 7 - Save settings

Once you have filled your required details, click on the Save button to save your settings.

Once VPN has been saved, it will appear in the VPN list

Impero software accepts no responsibility with regards to any network misconfiguration when following the above advice, customers are entirely accountable for any issues which may arise as a subject to the above changes