When you purchase content from the VPP store for your school or business, you can distribute your purchases directly to your users either by User Assignment or Device Assignment. Device assignment is the preferred method as it does not require an Apple ID/account association for each device.

What will you learn?

  • Where to configure Application Settings
  • What options are available
  • How to set licenses to assign to the device


The following guide will advise you on where to find the Application Settings:

  1. Login to the Edlink dashboard
  2. On the left-hand side, panel click on "Applications" where you will be directed to the application list page.

    3. Once in the Application Management section,  you will see all your Applications listed. In line with the Application           you would like to distribute, click the icon to edit, on the right of the application:

    4. Once you have selected the “Edit” icon you will be redirected to the settings of the Application in question.

Best Practices:

  • Configure your applications based on tags or flags, making sure you use either Auto-Install and/or Self Install. 
  • Note: We do not suggest adding the same tags/flags to auto-install as you do to self-install as this may cause conflicts with installations.
  • Ensure that devices are iOS 9 and above and that your application is configured to do the device-based assignment.

On the next sync, we will perform a license association (as long as licenses are available) and then automatically push the application to the devices.