Different schools use different grading systems, usually country-specific, e.g. grade, standard, form, or year. You can configure levels for each system, e.g. Grade 1 and Grade 2, or Form A and Form B. If your school runs an informal program or has changed its grading system, you may want to create a custom grading system.  For instance, you may want to grade students by rank or proficiency.


Kindly follow the steps below :


Once logged into your Edlink Dashboard, on the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen, click on “Settings” once you have clicked on settings then click on “Grading System”.

  • Once you have been directed to the “School Grades” page, Click on the drop-down arrow under “Select Grading System”.

  • Once you have clicked on the drop-down arrow there will be a number of grading systems on display. Select an existing grading system or select “Custom” If you have selected custom you will be allowed to enter a custom Grade

  • Once you have selected a grading system click on the “Save” button


Now you can add levels (e.g. standards or years) to your chosen system. After typing in a name for a level, click the Save button to add it to your school's grading system.