Schools have the ability to manage not only all enrolled devices, but they can also now manage their hardware as well. 

The Inventory management section allows Administrators the ability to add and manage various types of hardware like devices, printers, and mobile hotspots. They have the ability to add this inventory to the Edlink Dashboard.

Manually Adding Inventory


The Inventory Management feature can be used to track and manage additional hardware and devices allocated to the environment.

Once logged in to your Edlink Dashboard, on the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the Dashboard, click on all “Devices”,  once you have clicked on devices in the drop-down menu click “Inventory”.

Once you click on inventory, you will be directed to the Inventory page, on the top left corner of the page click on 

“Add Inventory Item”.

Once you clicked on add inventory a pop will appear “Add new device”,


Under Add new device pop window you will get the following :

Name - This would be the name of the device

Description - You can give the device a description of your choice

Type - This would be the type of device for example Mobile, Laptop, Tablet.

If you cannot find the device type you are looking for, tick the Can’t find type box

This will bring up a free text field and allow you to add a device type of your choosing.

Serial Number -  This would be the serial number of the device that is being added to the inventory

Asset ID -  this would be the asset’s identification number.

Status - This would be the status of the device it is assigned to a particular someone or currently in the inventory, it is assigned to someone you will be able to specify the student

Once all the necessary information is filled into the “Add new device” window, you can proceed by clicking on the ”Create Button”  in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Congratulations you have now added the device to your inventory list

Checkout Process

The Checkout process is very simple, just follow the steps below.

Click on the device you wish to take action and a form will appear on the screen.

Click on the “Check out” button

Once you click on the checkout button a check out window will appear

You then need to fill in the “Student/User” and then the “Reason” to check out the device. Click on the “Update” button once you have completed filling in all the necessary details.

Check-in Process

If you would like to check in a device that was checked out previously follow the steps below:

Once on the inventory list, click on the arrow symbol on the right-hand side of the user or device that you would like to check-in,

Once you have clicked on the arrow symbol you will get a “Check-in” pop-up window for that user/student. You will then add the check-in “Notes” and then click on the “Update button”.

You have successfully checked in the device again.


You will also have a history on the device where it was check-in and out