Admin users (District Administrators and School Administrators) and Teachers have incorporated into their dashboard the web filter report, the report has included the ability to blacklist and whitelist URLs, Categories, and Wildcards. These actions are accessible from within the web filter report.

District and School Web filter report

Both district and school admins can action any of the entries logged in the web filter report. It is important to note that when the admin actions a URL or keyword, it will be saved to the relevant profile the device was on when they accessed or browsed that URL. This can be easily viewed in the report in the Profile column. 

These actions will trigger an event in the audit log so that you will be able to keep a log of the changes.

The following actions are possible from the Web reports:

  • Add full URL to whitelist/blacklist  
  • Add wildcard domain to whitelist/blacklist  
  • Add category (per category flagged) to whitelist/blacklist  
  • Remove all blocked words from this profile 
  • Remove all blocked words from this profile and school list  
  • Add search term to blocked keywords

School Admin

As School admin kindly follow the steps below :

Step 1:

Once logged into your Edlink Dashboard, click Reports on the left panel. In the reports, menu clicks on Web filter Reports.

Step 2: 

If an Admin wishes to block a particular URL or Website on a particular school profile or class profile on the right side of the URL click on the Shield Symbol.

Step 3:

Once you click on the shield symbol you will be given a list.

  • Add full URL to whitelist/blacklist  
  • Add wildcard domain to whitelist/blacklist  

Please Note: You can keep track of all the changes made on reports click on the Audit Log button above Web filter reports on the left-hand side panel

District Administrator

The distinct admin set up is similar to the school set up except we have added the option to display information by school.