Before you can start distributing VPP apps to your clients, you have to make sure that:

The iPads and iOS versions meet the minimum system requirements of the app from the App store.

Eligible devices for VPP apps are “Supervised”. Without the Supervised status, the device will ask for Apple ID credentials. If the device is supervised and the logged-in Apple ID is “Associated” with VPP, the installation will be completely silent.

Troubleshooting scenarios:

The app is managed but has been removed by the user. When the app is installed again (even by the user), it will be managed once again.

There are several reasons why an App will show as Removed by User when trying to install:

  1. The App has been removed by the user
  2. The App installation has been scheduled but the installation command hasn't been acknowledged by the device yet
  3. The App is a 32 bit App that isn't supported by iOS 11 or higher devices - in this case, the app install will be acknowledged, but the app will not install on the device
  4. In case the app is a 32-bit app, you should check if the device is running iOS 11 since 32-bit Apps are no longer supported by iOS 11 and the iTunes App page to confirm if it's 32-bit.

The App says 'VPP account not associated yet. The current status is Registered'

This message is displayed when the application has not been set to be Device Assigned or the device can not accept device assigned licenses (for iOS version earlier than 9.3.5). An Apple ID will be required for these devices and the invite request must be accepted using this Apple ID.

The first issue can be resolved by changing the setting to assign licenses to the device serial.

The app installation status is stuck on 'Waiting for next application sync'

The application has not yet been picked up by an automated application install run. You may choose to manually force application sync either from the device or application details screens.

The app installation status is stuck on 'Ignored x times next attempt after...'

This message is displayed when the install command has been sent, but the device has not responded. Navigate to the device details page, MDM History tab to see the list of commands still pending for the device, as well as the time these were sent. Poking the device will attempt to wake the device, which will then start fetching commands.

If the device still does not respond, check that it is on, unlocked, connected to the internet and that its internet connection is not being blocked.