There is a netop.ini setting available in all the older versions, that prevents the nhstconf.ndb file from ever being written by the  DontSaveConfigSettingsAtAll INI key.

In version 12.92, we have added a new INI key that works in combination with the old one (named SaveConfigSettingsFromGUI) to allow saving settings, but only if changed from any of the GUI menus. Automatic changes, like window size and position, are not saved.

To save the configuration settings from the GUI, it is necessary that you modify the netop.ini file. 

In the netop.ini file, there are 2 INI settings:

  • [HOST] DontSaveConfigSettingsAtAll=0 (pre-existing option)
  • [HOST] SaveConfigSettingsFromGUI=0 (new option)


  • if DontSaveConfigSettingsAtAll=0(default)
    1. changes always get saved (current default behavior);
  • if DontSaveConfigSettingsAtAll=1
    1. if SaveConfigSettingsFromGUI=0 (default), settings in the nhstconf.ndb file never get saved (they are applied while the Host is running, but on program restart, they are reset);
    2. if SaveConfigSettingsFromGUI=1 (new), settings still get saved if changes are done from the GUI

Open the netop.ini file in a text editor (i.e., Notepad) and modify it accordingly to your needs.