Configure YouTube Filter settings for categories, channels, and URLs under Safe Content settings for a profile. The content is blocked in the Edlink browser.

What will you learn?

  • How to enable the YouTube filter
  • How to Whitelist and Blacklist URLs, channels, and categories
  • How to use the URL tester to test your configurations

The guide below assists you in navigating the Youtube Filter settings and configurations. 

Step-by-step guide

Once logged into your Edlink School Dashboard, on the left-hand menu click on “Profile”.

2. Once you have selected “Profiles”, you can then click on “Edit” on any profile by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side under the actions.

3. Click on the “Safe Content” option to proceed.

4. Tick the box “Enable YouTube Filter”.

5. Click on the Youtube Filter tab.

6. Under “Categories” Blacklist, click the Select a category to blacklist from the drop-down menu and select a category, e.g. Comedy. 


7. Click on the Add button to add the category. 

NOTE: Once your selection is added, it will block all content in the specified category in the Edlink Applications

7. Under “Channels” Blacklist, enter a channel URL to blacklist and click on the Add button to add the channel URL to the list.

NOTE: Once the URL is added to the channel the URL is blocked on the Edlink application.

8. Under “Videos” Blacklist, enter a URL to blacklist and click the Add button to add the URL in order for the video to be blacklisted. 

Congratulations you have learned how to use the blacklist. The same steps can be used for the Whitelist for categories, URLs, and channels by adding it to the list which Whitelists it on the Edlink Dashboard.