Impero Classroom Spring 2022 Beta Release 



March 24, 2022 


Updates are available for the Impero Backdrop Device Client for Windows (version 4.3.19) to improve performance. Automatic updates are being enforced, so there should be no required action for end-users or Administrators.  


Changes have also been made to the web application which reduces the number of times a query needs to run. This is designed to improve performance when navigating the system.  



March 18, 2022


Updates are available for the Impero Backdrop Device Client for Windows (version 4.3.0) and the browser extension for ChromeOS. Automatic updates are being enforced for both Windows and ChromeOS, so there should be no required action for end-users or Administrators.


Version 4.3.0 of the device client includes an option to preconfigure the school code through a json file instead of the registry. This feature is designed to allow Districts with complex organizational units (OUs) additional options when deploying device clients to multiple sites.


The update for the ChromeOS browser extension fixes two known issues:

  • 2 Hour Limit
  • device does not reconnect after lid closed


March 15, 2022

A new Windows device client was released today that eliminates the 2 hour limit on device client connectivity. Impero Backdrop Client version 4.2.1 replaces the prior version (4.2). The Windows device client will automatically update for customers running version 4.2. Users with older device clients (Version 2.X, 3.X and 4.1.X) will need  to uninstall the Backdrop Client and install version 4.2.1. to participate in the Classroom beta test. Please contact Impero support for access to the latest version if required.


March 14, 2022 


  • The Spring 2022 beta release for Impero Classroom is now available 


  • The following are known issues / limitations at the time of release: 


    • 2 Hour Limit:  Device clients on Windows and the browser extension on ChromeOS will disconnect after two (2) hours in a single classroom session. Thumbnail images will stop broadcasting from student to teacher and all policies/actions enforced during that Classroom session will be terminated. Device user must powercycle the device, or logout of Backdrop and log back in to re-establish a connection to Backdrop. 
    • ChromeOS – device does not reconnect after lid closed When the lid of a Chromebook is closed the connection to Backdrop is lost. When the lid is opened back up, the connection is not re-established until the device is power cycled or the user logs out of Backdrop and logs back in. 

    Impero expects to release an update to the Impero device clients and ChromeOS browser extension that will correct the 2 Hour Limit and ChromeOS – device does not reconnect after lid closed by the end of this week. Updates to device clients should happen automatically with no additional configuration by customers.