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Release date:

April 4, 2022

Components Updated:

Impero Backdrop web application

Impero Backdrop client for Windows (version 4.4.0)

Impero Backdrop App for Android (version 1.0.783) 

Impero Backdrop Extension for Chrome OS (version 1.1.34)

Impero Backdrop Chrome Browser Extension (version 1.0.72)

What’s new

The Impero Classroom Spring 2022 release includes a variety of system improvements and changes to the user interface. With this release, Classroom supports student devices running Android, Chrome OS, and Windows operating systems. Support for iOS and macOS will be released in the near future.

To take advantage of this release, customers must install the latest version of the Backdrop client/app and ensure the Backdrop browser extension for Chrome is updated on student devices. We recommend uninstalling older Windows clients prior to installing the latest version. Android clients and Chrome browser extensions should be updated automatically by their respective Google services.

System improvements

The technologies used to connect student devices to a classroom session and share live thumbnail images with a teacher have been updated. Improved stability, performance, and scalability are the result of changes made to the compression, frame-rate, and resolution of those thumbnail images.

Recent updates by Google have impacted screen sharing capabilities on Chrome OS. Classroom users will notice a new transition when switching from monitoring multiple thumbnail images to a single full screen view of a student device.

Windows device client improvements

The Backdrop client for Windows now supports multiple monitors and has an improved auto-update feature. Thumbnail images and full screen monitoring will display all connected monitors for the student device. Orientation and aspect ratio of each student screen will be reflected within the Classroom interface. The improved auto-update feature will ensure new releases and updates are automatically installed and configured on student devices.

User interface changes

  • Children: references to ‘Children’ in the user interface have been replaced with the term ‘Student’.
  • Student groups: left side navigation identifying student groups has been updated with a new icon and new labels (image-1 and image-2).
  • View Live Devices: the ‘View Live Devices’ button has been renamed and repositioned. To begin viewing student devices, users must now click the ‘Start Class’ button (image-3)
  • Live device viewing: when viewing live devices, the ‘Reconnect Failed Devices’ button and the ‘XL’ option for resizing thumbnail images have been removed
  • Screen Share Permission: The description of Screen Share Permissions for ChromeOS devices has been updated to reflect changes made by Google (image-4).
  • Emoji login: the option for students to login to Backdrop using emojis has been removed.

Minimum System Requirements and Technical Considerations

With this update the minimum system requirements have changed. You may need to update settings on your firewall and/or network filter to enable communication between the web application and users. Please refer to the updated Minimum System Requirements and Technical Considerations knowledge base article.

Image-1... Left side navigation has a new icon for 'Student Groups'

Image-2 .... Labels organizing student groups have been updated  

Image-3 .... Start Class replaces Live Device View

Image-4 .... Text for Screen Share Permissions has been updated