Our Backdrop client can be deployed to client machines via Intune, please see instructions below to assist you.

To install Backdrop via Intune, proceed as follows:

  1. Login the Azure Portal by going to the following link.
  2. Navigate via Microsoft Intune – Client Apps – Apps.
  3. Click on the “+Add” button to add new Intune application for client installation.
  4. Select Line-of-Business app – App Type drop-down menu from the Add app section.

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Description automatically generated

  1. Click on the “App Package File” button to upload client <Application_Name>.MSI file to Intune.
  2. On the “App package file” section checkout, the following settings Name: <Any Application Name>.
  3. Platform: Windows.
  4. App version: Latest Backdrop Client.
  5. Execution Context: Per-Machine.
  6. Click on “OK” from the “App Package file” section.
  7. Click on the "App Information" option from the "Add App" section.

Intune Application Information Details.

Specify the following information details in App Information section Name:- Any useful Application name is fine.

TIP: Remember that this name is going to be displayed in the Company Portal.

Description: - Any useful description is fine

Publisher:- Name of the Publisher

Ignore App Version:- Yes (Backdrop Client has its own Auto update function)

Category: Select a category which suits the application

Information URL:- Optional

Privacy URL:- Optional 

Command-line Argument: SCHOOLCODE = 123456 /Quiet

Developer:- Optional

Owner:- Optional 

Notes:- Optional

Logo:- Optional 

Click on “OK” “and then click on “Add” to start uploading the <Application>.MSI to Intune.

This upload of the client can take up to 10 minutes to complete. Wait for the following message to go away “Your app is not ready until the upload is at 100%”.

Verify again soon Intune MSI Application Deployment – Assignment Options.

  1. Click on the “Add Group” button on the Assignment tab of the mobile application you created.
  2. Select groups where you want to assign this app from the Add Group section.

There are 3 (three) Assignment types – Select one assignment type. You can deploy MSI application to some group of devices or users as REQUIRED or Available app.

  1. The MSI application is per machine then it gets installed on machine context. Available for Enrolled Devices Required Uninstall.
  2. Select “Available for Enrolled Devices” or “Required”.
  3. Click on Included groups from the “Add Group: section.
  4. Select the groups where you want to make this app required or available from Assign section Select the following option if you’re going to deploy the application to all users –All users – Make this app available to all users with enrolled devices.
  5. Click on “Select Groups” to select a Group for required assignment from Assign section.
  6. Search the Device/user Group in the search option in Select Groups section and select the DEVICE/USER group which you want to deploy.
  7. Click on “Select” to save and close the “Select Groups” section.
  8. Click on “OK” to save and close the “Assign” section.
  9. Click on “OK” to save and close the “Add Group” section.
  10. Click on “SAVE” to save “Assignment” section.

Now that you completed the steps you should now see the application apply to the clients in the group you specified. You can report on the install status across the groups as well and it gives you the overview you require, also troubleshoot options if necessary.

Be aware that the policies apply based on the Intune sync config you have already configured.

Feel free to email Academy@imperosoftware.com for further assistance if needed.