The Netop Vision Student has been updated as of June 7, 2022.  This release provides a fix for the issue where Vision repeats the prompt to share the screen, on Chromebooks with Chrome 99 or higher. 

To ensure that the affected Chromebooks receive this version, restart them or go to chrome://policy then click on Reload policies. 


Changes to the “Share your screen” menu  


From the Admin Policies Tab in the Vision Portal administrators can select one of three options for how student screens are presented to teachers. If left “Not configured” then the choices are presented to the teachers in their version of the Vision Portal.  


If Administrators or Teachers select “Ask Students to share their entire screen”, then the following prompt will appear to students when a Vision class is started.  


There are now three sharing options available, but the software is programmed to only accept the option of “Your Entire Screen”.  

 If the student selects a particular Application Window or Chrome Tab, they will be immediately repromoted. This will continue until the student selects and shares from "Your Entire Screen”.  



To see how Vision now handles the screen share prompt, watch this video: