Version 8.6.02 Change Log (1st July 2022)

  • Fix: Patch can cause thread leak
  • Open website on mobile app (iOS/Android)
  • Fix: Console password box sometimes doesn't have focus
  • Update windows code signing certificate
  • Update branding
  • Address block Input release issue - Mouse Problem
  • Computer status icons missing (introduced in 8.5.98) 
  • Fix: Mac connectivity issue

View the complete release changelog here

Minimum System Requirements & Filtering Exclusions

Use the link below to check the Minimum Specifications of the client and server for Education Pro. This guide also provides necessary Firewall / Proxy exclusions for the operation of the product.

Impero Education Pro Minimum System Requirements for Installation

File Downloads and Install Links

Impero Education Pro – v8.6.02 Installers
(includes Impero Server, Impero Client for Windows & Impero Client for Mac)

Impero Education Pro for Android (Managed browser supporting AD)

Available in the play store here

An Impero User Guide can be found here

Impero Education Pro for iOS (Managed browser supporting AD)

Available in the Apple app store here

An Impero User Guide can be found here


Legacy Impero Education Pro iOS Link - Manual Installation*

OR scan this QR Code with the iPad camera iOS 11+

Legacy Impero Education Pro iOS .plist link - MDM*

Legacy Impero Education Pro iOS IPA Link - MDM*

*You will need to trust the iOS app on the device -

ChromeOS GoogleAdmin Deployment - Impero Education Pro - ChromeOS Install Guide

ChromeOS Extension

ID - jonmpbbljdciehhpdfmdiapidmnogkcp

ChromeOS Application 

ID –  afdmacabmicdmgfjoffndgmiakhifdll

Impero Cloud Extension (Teacher Devices)

ID – jeddnlnhbnhbpojpebckcgongkiijobk

Browser Extensions 


Here is a link to all the browsers that we support and guides on how to deploy them;

Manually Upgrading your Impero Server

To upgrade the server and clients please follow the steps below:

1: Please make sure your Impero server is on version 5.2.10 or above, 4GB RAM, Dual-Core Processor and .Net framework 4.7.2+ is installed before upgrading   

 All Impero clients will require .Net Framework 4.7.2+ for the client to run. 

2: Download the install files from the link above.  

3: Extract the downloaded file and run the “ImperoServerSetupXXXX.msi” to upgrade your Impero Server

If not please manually update the server by running the following install file: ImperoServerSetupXXXX.msi in the following location:  

c:\Program Files (x86)\impero solutions Ltd\impero server\updates

Using Impero Auto Update

For users running V6.0+ Impero includes an Automatic upgrade option contained in the Impero Server Application. (As illustrated below) 

In order for both the Server and Clients to upgrade to the latest release, please ensure you select both options. (Illustrated below) 

Open the Impero server and enable download updates and automatically update Education Pro.  Click on the Tools tab in the top left corner and select Web check. 

The server will now perform a Web check and download the latest licence settings and setup files for the version you are licenced for.

From this point the server will continue to upgrade Impero Clients, then automatically reconnect them after the upgrade. 

Once you have upgraded your client machines they will require a re-start, this is to make sure the upgrade is fully completed and all the applications are in the correct location.