Impero Browser Extensions

Impero supports the use of browser extensions that allow for weblogging and filtering on all major browsers. Also, we have a browser extension that is required for our web console

Details for each available extension are available below;


Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Extension called ImperoV3BHO.BH
  • Installed automatically when the Impero Client is installed to a machine 
  • Force enable via Group Policy


Microsoft Edge (Non Chromium)

  • Download extension from this link
  • Deployment Options which are limited due to Microsoft, we advise moving to the new Chromium based Edge 


Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge Chromium

Mozilla Firefox Quantum


Web Console (EdPro Cloud) Staff Browser Extension - Impero Cloud Extension

This extension is required to be able to use the broadcast feature in the web console and is only required to be installed on staff machines.

Link to the Store
ExensionID - jeddnlnhbnhbpojpebckcgongkiijobk

To push this out via Group Policy please see this guide and replace the extension value on Step 15 with the following; jeddnlnhbnhbpojpebckcgongkiijobk;