The 'Command prompt' feature is available via the 'Admin' toolbar. This allows you to send commands to selected remote computers and view feedback as it is returned to the Impero Console.


- In your Impero Console select the computers you wish to run commands on.

- From the 'Admin' toolbar, click on 'Command prompt'.

- Enter the desired commands into the text field at the bottom of the screen.

- Click the 'send' button to send the command to the remote computers.

- Results will then be returned to the console in the same window**.

- This runs silently as a background process on the remote computer with ‘system’ privileges , so any logged on user will be unaware of any activity.

[1] - The 'gpupdate' command is sent to the selected remote computers.

[2] - 'gpupdate' results are returned from the selected remote computers.

** Not all feedback is shown in this command prompt window i.e Y/N to restart after gpupdate
for gpupdate you can pass the N or Y in the command