The Task manager feature allows you to view the processor usage of selected computers, end tasks and start/stop Windows services.


- Select the computer(s) in the Computer List by checking the tick box to the left of the username.

- Click the 'Task manager' menu item in the 'Admin' toolbar, which will open the 'Impero - Task manager' window.

[1] - Computers

The left-hand panel shows a list of the selected computers. Clicking on one of these computers will show its processes and services in the two panels on the right-hand side.


[2] - Processes

The upper of the two panels on the right-hand side shows the processes currently running on that computer, as well as various statistics. These statistics include the current percentage of CPU consumed by that process and the RAM being used by that process. You can end any of these processes by right-clicking with the mouse on the process, and selecting 'End Process'. Similarly, by right-clicking on a process, there is also an option to view more detailed properties of what is running.


[3] - Services

The lower panel displays all the Windows Services on that machine, and whether they are currently stopped or started. You have the option of starting/stopping these services by right-clicking with your mouse on the services.

- The 'Refresh All' button at the top of the window will refresh all panels to show the latest running processes and services.


- There are two further tabs available in this window - 'All processes for all computers' and 'All services for all computers'.

- These will display a list of the processes/services that are running on ALL the selected computers.

This enables you to, for example, end processes, or stop/start services on multiple computers in one click, rather than having to click through multiple computers to perform the same action.