When we first import your data from CPOMS, all your historical concerns (previously CPOMS incidents) will appear in the Child Protection category. We do this for security reasons, to ensure that concerns which were previously only visible to certain staff members do not suddenly become visible to more people.

Once we have confirmed we have imported your CPOMS data, visit Administration > CPOMS Categories.

The categories on the left correspond to your old CPOMS categories, and the categories on the right correspond to your new Safeguarding Monitor categories. For each CPOMS category, choose the appropriate EdAware category. If there is not an appropriate subcategory, you can choose a top-level category such as "Child Protection".

Once you have saved your changes, your concerns will move into the correct categories (and become visible to the appropriate users) over the next 20-30 minutes. You can keep track of this on the Concerns By Type report.