Please follow the steps below to create a group policy for deploying the Impero client

1. Please make sure you have the most recent Impero Client MSI installer file in a UNC/shared location

2. Open up your group policy management console

3. Right click on the local domain and select “create a GPO in this domain and link it here” please see the image below

4. You will then see a pop up box please enter the name of the policy.

5.  Once this is done you will see your policy appear on the left hand side, right click the policy and select “Edit”.


6. You will then see the “Group Policy Management Editor” window


7. Expand the Computer/User Configuration tree on the left-hand side, depending on how you wish to configure your policy


8. Expand Policies and then expand software settings, right click software installation and select new – package.


9. You will now need to browse to the UNC/shared location and select the ImperoClientSetupxxx.msi

10. Now the Policy is in place you will need to right click on the policy and select “Enforced” or if you want to link the policy to an OU then enable the “Link Enabled” option.

11. The policy will take place the next time the machines are started up or using the Command Prompt run Gpupdate /force