In order to log concerns on the Impero EdAware mobile app the device needs to be approved by a DSL. You will not be able to approve your own device to support security.

Firstly check that the the permissions for the DSL group has been updated to include device management. You will need to make sure the box next to Manage User Devices is checked blue.

Stay in Administration but look in the left hand menu for Devices. You have the option to view approved devices, pending devices or revoked advices. Devices that you have confirmed can have access can be see under Approved, any that you have removed access from will be stored in Revoked but to approve new devices and see who has asked to use the application click on Pending.

If there are devices waiting approval you will see them listed here. It includes the name of the device owner and information about the device. If you recognise the device then it can be approved and the mobile application will be activated for that staff member.