There is space in EdAware to record allegations about staff members. This is an area of the system that you should be careful to keep restricted to just two people in the school; typically the head teacher or principal and chair of governors. Regardless of permissions, no-one is able to view allegations about themselves. This is part of acknowledging the impact unfounded and malicious allegations can have and that you must ensure you support employees through the process. 

To add an allegation you will need to ensure you have access to people and allegation management. This can be arranged in the Administration section. Make sure 'Manage Single Central Record' is checked in order to view the People tab.

Next head to People and select the staff member you need to record against. If you have permission, there will be '+ Allegation' to click on.

Adding an allegation uses the same principles as adding a concern about a child. There are spaces to record who is involved, when the allegation dates from and what type of allegation is being recorded.

Once you have completed the form as much as you can, click save and the concern will be logged against the staff member. You can review the allegation and add more details or the results of investigation by selecting Allegation from the menu on the left. 

Opening the Allegation then lets you see the saved details, add comments as a reply or outcome and designate the type of outcome that occurred. 

Remember that there are careful guidelines for the retention of records of allegations whether founded, unfounded or malicious.