This article is intended for schools that need to adjust their grouping structure, or provide this ability for teaching staff, in order to monitor mixed classes that would not ordinarily be available in Impero Education Pro.


Firstly, group changes require the desktop version of the console, so any users wanting to create groups will require access to Impero installed on either a Windows or Mac machine.


Steps for administrators:


Note: If you're hosted with us, you'll need to get in touch so that we can make these changes for you.


If you wish to provide teaching staff with the ability to create their own groups, ensure they have this permission on the Console Access Rights on the server (#1)



By default, teaching staff will not have the ability to manually add users to their groups, unless they can already see these users in other groups. If you wish them to be able to manually type the names of their students that should appear in their groups, select this checkbox (#2).


Important: This setting would allow users to add staff to their groups too. Rather than granting this special privilege, we would instead recommend simply giving teachers access to a group that contains all the students they may need to monitor. This would allow them to select the users from this group, and drag them into their own.


Steps for teachers or other staff members creating new groups:


Open your Impero Console, and look for the green + button at the top of your groups list. Clicking this will open a new window where you will specify some details about your group:




Enter the name of your group, and leave the priority set to ‘low’. If you wish to add users to your group rather than specific machines, change this drop-down to ‘user’.


You may not see the membership list in this properties window. If not, that's fine, because you can add members to this group by browsing the groups you already have access to. If you do see the membership box, go ahead and type in the users you need to monitor.


When you click ‘OK’, you will be asked whether you want to revoke permissions to this group for other teachers. If nobody else has a need to see your group, go ahead and click Yes:



You should now see your new group in your groups list on the left. Depending on whether you've added users already, you may or may not see any users here:



To add more users to your group, you'll now need to navigate to a different group and find those users in the computer list. Select the users you wish to add to your group. You can simply drag-and-drop them into your group, or right click either of those and select the ‘Add to Group’ option:




Finally, you will be asked how long you wish these users to remain in your new group. If you only need them there for a short amount of time, configure this now. Otherwise, select 'Until removed':



Now head back over to your group. You should see the users you've just added, and will be able to use any of the classroom management tools available to you in your console on these specific users.