When concerns and comments are added to a child profile it becomes part of the court safe report. This means it must be free from edits, deletions and redactions. We worked with legal experts to make sure that in the event of a court case the data integrity could not be questioned. As a result, once concerns are saved to the system the text cannot be changed and the concern cannot be deleted.  

It is worthwhile ensuring staff know how to write a good concern, making sure they are aware they should include fact not personal opinion and should avoid speculation. They should be aware that in the event of a court case they may have their statements read out and examined in court.  

There are some changes that can be made, such as reassigning the type of concern or the children involved. This is generally only available to the DSL or suitably appropriate staff. When you make a change like this a log will be made in the concern audit. You may find it helpful to add a comment to the concern as a reply, explaining your reasoning