Registering your school is quick and easy. Once you have verified your email address, we only need a few details to make sure the organisation is set up correctly is verified. Then you're ready to start using Imper Back:drop.

  • Select the country and Local Authority your school belongs to, if appropriate. 
  • Select your school from the drop down list. Note: England, Wales and the Channel Islands schools will be automatically pulled through. For all other areas (or if your setting is not available from the drop-down list) enter your details manually.




  • Add a school identifier. Either the school URN, LA Establishment Number (LAESTAB) or UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). If you are unsure of your number you can confirm it is correct here:

  • Add your work email address, job role and contact informati
  • Set a secure password. More information on setting a secure password can be found here. You should make sure the password is secure, not one you use elsewhere and you should avoid writing it down in a notebook or diary. 

We will then send you an email. Verify your email address then you can begin using Impero Back:drop.