In order to speed up deployment of and to reduce the time spent "touching" devices during setup, Edlink Profiles can be configured to have Wi-Fi configurations added. This means when a device connects to Edlink and picks up the profile, they automatically connect to the network contained within the profile.

Supported Wi-Fi Network Security Types

  • WEP/Dynamic WEP
  • WPA/WPA Personal
  • WPA/WPA Enterprise

Supported Network Protocols

  • TLS
  • LEAP
  • TTLS
  • PEAP

To add Wi-Fi configurations to your profile follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Edlink Dashboard
  2.  Navigate to Profiles

  • Select an existing profile or create a new one

  •  Go to Network

  • Click Add new on the WIFI & PROXY tab


  • Enter the following details (where applicable)

Wi-Fi Description - name to identify this Wi-Fi network config within Edlink

SSID - needs to match the SSID broadcasted by the network

Hidden Network - enable to connect to networks that have been hidden

Auto Join - automatically connect to the network if in range

Disable Captive Network Detection - CND will be bypassed when connecting to the network

Proxy Type - enter proxy settings if applicable

Security Type - select the type of Wi-Fi authentication used on the network

Fast Lane QoS Marking - enhance real time application performance on iOS

  •  Click Save

You will now have successfully added a Wi-Fi configuration to a profile in Edlink. 

You can continue to add additional Wi-Fi configurations to the profile if you wish.

Once complete, sync the profile with desired devices to ensure they have the up to date configuration.