Manage students' access to websites, defining a setlist of websites students can and can't access during class.

What is the difference between an "Allowed List" and a "Blocked List"?

  • An 'Allowed List' only allows students access to view sites listed

  • A 'Blocked List' allows access to all sites but blocks access to the websites in the list

How to set up a list

1. Click on the "New List" button.

2. Give the list a name.

3. To enable easier identification you can choose a colour for the list shown in the Classroom interface.

4. Choose between an 'Allowed List' or a 'Blocked List'.

5. To add a website to the list:

    a. Click inside the text box 'Add Website'.

    b. Input the URL of the website.

    c. Click the 'Add' icon.

    d. You can remove a website from the list by clicking on the x.

6. Choose whether the list is "Permanent" or "Temporary". (Verify if this gets removed).

7. Click on 'Save'.

Your list will now be available to apply to devices.