The Impero iOS client is an Apple approved mobile application available from the App Store.

Once installed and enrolled it provides students with the freedom to explore the internet while empowering teachers to monitor, guide and assist. The iOS client shares a live stream of the student's device with the teacher and allows them to perform the following actions. 

  • Send Message – Teachers can send a direct one way message to the device 
  • Launch Website – Teachers can open a web site on the device automatically 
  • Lock Screens – Teachers can lock the screen of the app 
  • Internet Access – Teachers can disable internet access inside the app 
  • Website Lists – Teachers can enforce allow and block website lists 
  • Close Tab – Teachers can view open browser tabs lists and close open tabs 

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the client are:

  • iOS version 11+ 
  • 100MB Free Space 

Installation - Single Device

1. Open the App Store on your device and search for “Impero backdrop” or click here.

2. Select the “Impero back:drop” app and press the "Get" button or the "Cloud" download button.

3. The client will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once complete, press “Open”.

4. The school registration process will then be started and displayed on screen.

5. Enter the school ID for the school you wish to enrol the device with and press Log In.

6. The device will now be enrolled in the school and display the user login screen. 

7. The app icon “Impero” will be placed on the device after installation. 

Installation - Multiple Devices (MDM Deployment)

1. Using an MDM’s application deployment system, search for “Impero back:drop” under iOS apps and add it to the configuration assigned to the devices you would like to install the client on. 

2. Create a managed config for the Impero application, which is a set of key values in the form of a property list. There are two keys that the app will look for. 

school: registration-code

home: homepage-url

the registration-code and homepage-url should be replaced with the school ID and the website you would like to be the default homepage for the Impero app web browser, e.g.:

school: ABC123 


3. Deploy the MDM configuration that includes the client app and the mass enrolment file. 

4. The client app will be installed when devices next check in with the MDM. 

5. On first launch the app will automatically enrol in the school and display the user login screen. The app icon “Impero” will be placed on the device after installation.