Concerns remain on the action plan until you have clicked on them to read the contents. Some people find concerns can build up in the action plan as they review concerns via email notifications, or by visiting chronologies directly. 

To help manage this, schools now have a self-service tool that will allow them to clear action plans. 

Firstly, you will need access to Administration. This is generally restricted to DSLs and School Business Managers for example. If you do not have access to Administration you will need to request your action plan is cleared by the DSL.

Head to the staff list and select the staff member whose action plan should be cleared by checking the box next to their entry.

From the drop-down Actions menu, select Clear Action Plan and then on Save. 

Any staff selected finds that their action plan is now free from concern alerts. 

You should be aware that this tool will clear all concerns from the action plan, including the most recent ones added. If there are concerns included that the staff member in questions needs to be aware of you should make sure there have been read and understood, or assigned to the staff member, before you clear their action plan.