If you notice the Impero Server drive has been filled up by Impero's files, here are few files and folders that you can move/remove:

  • As the first step, open the Windows' Services and stop ImperoServerSVC service
  • Browse in the main Impero Server directory>Backups
    • Here every day Impero performs a backup of all its settings (the ones that are stored in the Impero Server directory>Data)
      • Each backup folder has a corresponding date
      • You may not need older ones (usually, we recommend to keep at least two months worth of backups)
  • Browse in the main Impero Server directory>Data\Logs or any other folder has been selected to store the logs (visible in Impero Server>Settings>Resource loggings):

    Alternatively, instead of deleting files, you can set a retention period for auto-deleting of the logfiles and relevant data, on the Impero Server navigate to the Settings->Resource Logging section
    • Here Impero stores all the users' activities (the ones visible in the Impero Log Viewer) in the .ilog2files
      • You may not need older ones, so you can discuss this with the DSLs/Headteachers and choose to move/remove some
      • Check the files' names to understand to which period the .ilog2 files are referring to (don't look at Date modified column in the Windows' File Explorer) and move/remove them
      • The same operation can be done in Data\Logs\Backup and in Data\Logs\Images