Google Meet in Classroom allows teachers to start a video/voice session with members of their group. Classroom will automatically open the join Meet session window for all members of the group, including the teacher allowing them to easily join the session.

This guide covers how to begin a Google Meet session from Classroom and the options users have before starting and joining the session.

A guide provided by Google on the various actions that can be performed during a Google Meet session can be found here


Google accounts on the same Google app domain for all members of the meeting

Windows users must be signed into their default browser with the Google app domain account.

Launch Google Meet

1. Sign in to Impero Classroom using a Google account

 2. Select your group and click "View Live Devices" to access Classroom.


3. Select who you would like to join the meeting or click "Select All" to highlight all online members of the group


4. Click on "Launch Meeting" to begin the Google Meet session

5. A new tab will open for all members. Click on the "Join" button. Google provide several options you can set before joining the meeting.

6. Your Google meeting has now started! As others join, they will start to appear in the session with you.