Sometimes we may request some log files from clients or servers to aid in the resolution of a support ticket, below is the location where these log files are stored depending on the Operating System;

If relevant when sending a copy of the logs it will also be very helpful if you could provide the approximate Time and Date the issue occurred.

We do have a system where you can send these log files to us securely, Please include your organisation name, Impero Licence key, or Ticket ID in the message.



Location 1 - C:\
Location2 - C:\programdata\EducationPro\Impero\
*The programdata folder is hidden by default so you may need to type the address in manually to show hidden folders or change your view settings to see hidden folders - How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7, 8, or 10

There are many files in this location both on the Impero Client machine and the Impero Server;


Location - /var/logs

To access the location you can either access this using the console app or Finder->Go->Go to Folder->type /var/log

Target the /var/log folder

You should see some .log files that start with Impero similar to the ones below in the image but there may be more

This can also be done in the terminal as a superuser, which should zip up all the Impero* logfiles to the desktop (or a folder/path of your choice);

sudo su
sudo zip ~/Desktop/ /var/log/Impero*


To access the ChromeOS logs for the Impero application you will need to click on the Impero Icon at the top of the browser, which will pop out a small menu where you can click the logs link

After clicking the Logs link you will be prompted to save them to a location;