1. Stop the Impero Helper service on all Security Servers in the configuration that are connected to the same database. The name of the service is: "Impero Helper ver...." WARNING! Perform Step 1  on all Security Servers in the configuration prior to any other steps, otherwise, the upgrade will fail.
  2. Start the upgrade process from the .msi installation file.
  3. Go through the upgrade prompts and before clicking Finish, make sure to uncheck the Launch the Impero Security Server product option. This is to make sure that the NSS module doesn't start, prior to the next step.
  4. Start the Security Manager and connect to the database. This will update the tables, if needed. No other operation will be needed, besides a connection to the database itself.
  5. Reboot the server and start the Impero Security Server module.
  6. Go to Tools > Security Server Setup and verify that the Security Server Module is logged into the database.
  7. Verify the Security Server is 'Running' in the Security Manager>Secuirty Settings>Secuirty Policies>Security Server Group List. If not add it to the list.

Repeat steps 2 and 5 on other Security Servers in your environment

Verify the Impero Helper Service starts under the Local System Account.